Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday

Did everyone have a great Easter? I did! This Easter was especially great for Tim and I because we had a prayer answered. Tim's daddy went to church with us. Tim was on cloud 9 the whole day. We are so thankful to God for this answered prayer.

Papaw Thurman with his pitty stick. Just so everyone knows he really doesn't need this walking stick. His hip is totally healed and the Dr. told him that he can quit using the cane at anytime. I think he is still using it for pity, so I call it his pity stick.

Tim in his Easter duds. Oddly enough we kinda matched, and it wasn't even my fault!

Hannah was smart to pick Tim as her partner. I mean he did hide most of the eggs! Hannah is a very smart little girl!

Check out Hannah's "princess" dress as she called it. She twirled all day!

Micah really got excited when he realized what was going on.


Cassie said...

Cute pictures!

Alexis said...

So sweet! The girls are darling! Who are they to you? I so want to adopt the second from the last! Too cute!

Juliet said...

So adorable! Gorgeous pictures! Just a question, since I am from up north and raised a Catholic (though now exploring other churches) -- is the Easter egg hunt in a cemetary? Is that a tradition? We usually have them in parks or something so I am just curious. Thanks!

Juliet said...

Yay! Thanks for your answer - that makes perfect sense!!
Yeah, I read something about having a relationship with God, rather than a religion (was that on Angie's blog?) and that is what I am trying to focus on. But it's LONELY! I need a group too! So this weekend I am trying out an Assembly of God church in a town nearby -- do you know anything about them? I don't really but a friend recommended it, so we shall see. I'm sure I will blog about it!!