Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My sister the copycat!

My sister has decided to do a April/May giveaway to benefit baby Stellan. I am really glad that she is, but can you believe what she is giving away? Yep, a 10 piece set of Paula Deen cookware! Oh the nerve!

Okay so I am joking! She did check with me before deciding on the cookware. I guess she has seen all the comments from people who have entered for my giveaway. By the way thanks to all that have entered!!!! Don't forget I will be drawing one week from today!

So how is this going to help baby Stellan? Well on top of the entries you get for commenting, blogging and referring you will also get entered for purchasing items from her Avon store. 50% of each order will go to baby Stellan. I am sure that his hospital bills aren't small. Not to mention his parents have other children and bills.

Lets help baby Stellan! You may even luck up and win a Paula Deen cookware set. Wouldn't it be funny if the same person won mine that wins hers!!!!!


Kelly Taylor said...

What a cool giveaway for us southern people who love some Paula Deen! I found you through Cassie's site.