Saturday, May 12, 2012


 I'm too ashamed to upload a real picture of the moving mess so this image will have to work! Ha! 
The appraisal has been done and now I am just waiting on the report. Hopefully there were no issues and everything is still on track. I cancelled the home inspection that was scheduled for next week. I did this on the advice of both my realtor and mortgage officer. They both told me that since the appraisal was done first it isn't necessary that an inspection be done. They explained that the appraiser does an inspection and the seller pays for it. So I would be paying $250 for a second inspection. That's money I can use for other things. So again hopefully there are no issues. As far as I know closing date is still set for the 25th of this month. Then the sellers still have 30 days to move.  We have the same realtor and she told me they have found a house just waiting on that seller to accept the offer. SO I am praying they move early! I hate to rush them since they have two tiny girls, but I am ready to move! 

I feel like the apartment is shrinking. The walls are closing in on me. My plan is (insert laugh here) to have EVERYTHING packed up and move in a single day..............(insert hysterical laughing here)!!!!!!!!!
Basically I am going to be calling in every favor everyone owes me!  

IF they move early then I want to stay in the apartment the whole month of June. GASP! I want to paint before moving in. That way on moving day things can be put where they are going to stay! I realize its a big goal, but hey we all need goals right?

Happy Saturday!