Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ebaying it up!

Ebay has become my new best friend. I have loved Ebay for years! Me being the bargain hunter that I am and ebay being the wealth of all things deals makes me happy! I've got the buyer part down (believe me!) but now i'm trying my hand at selling. It was a rocky start at first, but I think I have finally figured it out. I just got my monthly printout for April and I made $225. Not bad for the first month. 

The best part is I don't have to have a yard sale! I HATE having yard sales. I hate paying $$$$ for something and someone asking me if I will sell it for a quarter. Ummmm no. Plus I am not a fan of hauling everything out and then having to deal with whatever doesn't sell. Ebay is a much better solution. With a move coming up in the next few weeks I am trying to rid myself of anything I don't need. So i'm off to list!