Friday, May 25, 2012

Thanks Pinterest!

My home loan was approved by the underwriters on Wednesday and sent to USDA yesterday. It's still a waiting game, but my mortgage officer tells me that all is on track and going great. She thinks that I can close next week. Then its still a waiting game for the sellers to move. 30 days at least. In the meantime I am pulling rooms together. 

I am most excited about my office! Thank you Pinterest for this picture which I have now feel in love with and cannot live without! Imagine this desk (kitchen table) in white. The walls are either going to be yellow or Tiffany & Co blue. I'm not sure yet. I know all the furniture will be white so if I change the paint color down the road the furniture doesn't have to be re-painted. 

My cousin recently built her dream house. She has two kids and in their playroom she painted one wall with chalkboard paint. This picture has the same thing. I like it, but I think its something I would get tired of really fast. 

So ready to get started!!!!