Saturday, May 26, 2012

Missy's Treasures!

Remember this purchase?

 How about this one?

Both of those pieces along with the following were all bought at Missy's Treasures in Powell, TN. 
Missy is AMAZING! She basically saves old unwanted pieces from the trash. She restores them and they ALL get a brand new home. When I say all I mean all. Missy posts pictures on FB daily and usually within minutes someone scoops it up! I am one of those people! The first piece I bought was that black distressed rocker. It was $45 and I absolutely love it! The next piece was the black distressed dresser. It was $75 and the home for my craft supplies. 

A couple of weeks ago I grabbed this chair for....wait for it.....$10!!! 
I love it! It's going to double as a prop for some upcoming senior pictures I am doing and it will also be in my living room.

Then today I bought these..................

Two great end tables for the living room. $29 each!!!!

A black distressed table for my hall. $22!!!!

AND this really great desk! $35!!!!!!


Christi said...

Thanks for sharing. I don't live that far from Powell. I have been looking for a desk for a while now. I love that type of furniture.