Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Instead of One

I love my life. It's crazy and busy. It's hectic and complicated, but I love it still. 
Things with the house are moving right along. My appraisal is scheduled for tomorrow and then the home inspection is next Tuesday. My closing date is set for the 25th, but it could always change. 

The packing has begun! I'm one of those OCD people when it comes to organizing. My apartment is the size of a matchbox. It's teeny tiny and so I have to make every inch count. The new house is small too, BUT I will have three bedrooms instead of one......two bathrooms instead of one.......AND five closets instead of one. Are you seeing a pattern yet? My current closet has clothes, shoes, bags, patio furniture........yes you read that right. I found a great deal last summer at Target so I bought it. And now its tucked away awaiting its assembly. I'm looking forward to having more storage space so that not everything has to fit like a puzzle just to close the door. It will be so nice to have a coat closet! Ha! It's funny the things that matter the most as you get older. I never would have cared about a coat closet 5 years ago. I was still at home and had more than enough space. Ahhhh how things change! Ha! 

As if I don't have enough going on I am going to start trying much harder to do Wordless Wednesdays and Thankful Thursdays! So I promise the blog will be getting more of my attention from now on.............I'll try to fit it in somewhere! 


Amber said...

Congrats on your house! That is so exciting We moved from a less than 500 sq. ft. apartment in NYC into our first house and we felt like we were living in a mansion.

T Sharee said...

It's going to be an adjustment! I'm not sure I will know what to do with all the space! Ha!