Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Christmas Miracle!

I just know they are going to be fast friends!
Look they love each other already. It would be a shame to split them up!

Flash is so nice, he even shares his food!


Isn't it precious?

Just chilling out!

Anyone who knows me, knows I really wanted a puppy for Christmas. I told Tim that that was all I wanted. He kept saying that my daddy would kill him if he got me a dog. Truth be known, he was right. Daddy says I am not home enough to take care of it. So I tried to convince Tim's daddy to let me keep a puppy here with Flash. He was not going for that.
Christmas Eve I was transferring all my new things from Tim's truck to my car. It was late and cold, and I was trying to hurry. All of the sudden I hear Tim say look what Flash has. It was a puppy! A little white, furry, adorable puppy! I couldn't believe it! We don't know how it got in Flash's lot, but it was there running around! I was so excited. I told Tim it was a Christmas miracle and a gift from God. You can't give gifts from God back, he wouldn't like that! Tim wasn't convinced and the next day he let it out.
Today when I got to Tim's it was back! I don't know how it has gotten back in, but I am glad! Hopefully Tim will let me keep it, since it obviously wants to live here. Flash doesn't seem to mind it either! I can't tell if its a boy or girl since it won't let me close to it, but I will be happy either way!
(The real Christmas miracle will be if Tim lets me keep it)


Jessiecue said...

Oh he should let you keep it....