Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've got a secret!!!

I love to bargain shop. Especially for Hannah and Lily. They are so hard on their clothes so I hate to spend a fortune on them. I hardly ever pay full price for anything anymore. Thats because I have found a new way to shop online! FREE ONLINE COUPON CODES! I have some great websites to share with you. These sites have online coupon codes that can save you as much as 70%! Each site is set up different, but each one is easy to use. Just look for your favorite stores and write down the codes you need. Then go shopping! Once you are done enter the code on the check out page.
I saw online that a girl planned her entire wedding using these codes. She only spent a grand total of $6,000! She told where she found free save the date cards, gifts for her bridesmaids and even her dress! I haven't found bargains like that yet, but I have found great deals on kids clothes, shoes and jewelry. Some popular stores are particpating on these sites like Polo, American Eagle, Gap, Gymboree, Old Navy and much more. Check them out!
Just watch for the expiration dates.