Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with the girls

Christmas with the girls was our fourth stop of the day. Christmas day is more hectic for us than Christmas eve, but I like it that way. Hannah got a new puppy, snowball, that Cassie just went crazy over. He was tiny and still had that adorable puppy breath. Lily got her cell phone. I was glad she has been asking for her cell phone for months. It wasn't the green one that she wanted, but I told her she could get a cover. lol She is only 6 and has a phone! Shew I just can't believe how much they have grown.
I am sure snowball couldn't wait for us to leave!
Poor Tim! He was trying to nap, and I kept taking his picture!


Me & Snowball
He had cute little puppy breath!

Max kept smelling of Tim. I think he smelled Peyton on him.

Cassie and Snowball. She really wants a little puppy like him, if you can't tell by now.

Lily and her Mr. Potato Head. She was so excited about it.

Cassie, Hannah and Snowball. I am surprised Cassie let him go!