Friday, December 5, 2008

You can never go wrong when you do something right

Christmas means different things to different people. To children it means gifts even though we try to teach them better. To adults it means shopping, cleaning, cooking and going to a million places in two days. To me it means giving to someone who has it a little harder than me. I am very blessed to have the parents I do. Over the years they have made many sacrifices to make sure that Cassie and I not only had the neccessities, but extras too. Around Christmas I am reminded that not every parent can do that.
In today's economic crisis some are lucky to feed their families much less provide gifts. This year at the bank each branch adopted a family. As hard as I may have tried it didn't go as smooth as I wished, but we were able to gather the items these families ask for. I knew this would be a rewarding adventure for me, but I wasn't prepared for the saddness. I was shocked to see what was on these lists.
One mom just wanted a fan to circulate heat throughout their house. Another mom wanted a crockpot. Some of the children only wanted shoes. A dad asked for a gas card so he could just go to work. I can't remember a Christmas when I only had one gift. This project has taught me to be more appreciative for what I have, and to be thankful for my parents.
There are 20 days left until Christmas. I am asking that everyone try to help someone else. If you can't adopt a family try the angel tree. Do a food basket for REACHES. Donate gently used items to someone who needs them. Just help! I promise you won't go wrong when you do something right!