Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Jumping to conclusions

For everyone who has called, text or messaged me NO WE DID NOT GET ROBBED TODAY! Today is Wednesday and our beloved half day at work. Afterward I went to Charley's to eat with Tim and the guys. I had been there about 20 minutes when someone called Tim's phone to ask if First Volunteer was being robbed. When Tim asked me I thought it was someone joking. About 5 minutes later 3 different people sent me text messages asking the same thing. I knew Melissa was probably still there so I called her cell. She didn't answer so I immediately thought the worst. lol Anyway she finally called me back to say that the Jacksboro police department was there using our Christmas tree for their Christmas card. She said that people were calling her phone too. When I checked my myspace tonight I had 6 messages from people asking if I was alright. I am thankful people care (some were just being nosy), but needless to say it was a whole lot of drama for nothing. Moral of the story...............don't jump to conclusions without all the facts. lol