Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas at Murl's

I always love to go to my aunt murl's for Christmas. I can remember being little and being able to choose one toy from santa to take to her house. No matter how busy she was or what was boiling over on the stove, she would always stop to look at whatever I had brought. She does that now with her grandkids, and I think thats so cool!
Hurry up Tim, I NEED that baby!
Caitlyn didn't know what to think when Tim put that blanket over her face. She just stood there frozen!

Poor Cooper, he was worn out.

Awwww they love each other.
(They are only 11 days apart)

Cassie & Tim.

Isn't it funny he hates to have his picture taken with everyone, but Cassie?

I think Cassie took this picture. Tim was more interested in the gun!

Cooper being cooper! I love him!

Miss Caitlyn is a doll, and she loves dolls too! Tim couldn't get her new one open fast enough!

Check out Mr. Owen! This is his funny face! He is adorable!