Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Raleigh is a girl after my own heart. This girl is a sleeper! Don't get me wrong she is wide open from the time she wakes up until the time we lay down at night, BUT she does sleep all night. Lately she has been into everything! I mean EVERYTHING!!!! I turned my back for three seconds last night and she is literally ate the water bill. Yes you read that right. UGH! 

Ra has a dog bed in the living room. Very rarely does she actually use it, but sometimes she will nap on it. Nap meaning a total of 5 minutes....if that. 

 This is her favorite blanket and it just so happens to be my favorite too. 

 Sleepy girls! 
 Laying in Mama's bed...with her favorite blanket.
 This was a couple of nights ago when she was ready to play at midnight! 
Mama wasn't happy! 
 Kisses from Mama! 

Sleeping on Mama!