Saturday, August 11, 2012

Primp your pit!

Surgery didn't slow this girl down! 
Last month I saw a Facebook ad from Young-Williams Animal Center called Primp your Pit. Catchy name huh? Basically they received a grant for pits to be "fixed" for an extremely low cost. So I took the opportunity to keep the number of pits in the house to ONE. Yesterday was the day. 
Ra wasn't thrilled to be up so early. She also didn't like skipping breakfast. I'm not sure why I decided to schedule her surgery for a Friday. The clinic was FULL! We got there 30 minutes early and the parking lot was already full. If you have a dog then you know how they act around unfamiliar dogs. Pit bulls are a little bit crazier when confronted with other pits. Ra is no exception to this rule. She was in high gear and very upset that she wasn't allowed out to "play" with everyone. Every car had dogs yelping. There was a sign out front that asked you to leave your "babies" in the car while checking them in. I'm guessing this was to avoid any fighting. So Drew sat with Raleigh while I checked her in. It was quite the process and I wasn't expecting all the red tape. When people say that their animals are their children they aren't kidding. Young-Williams Animal Center in Knoxville is amazing and really do treat them like human patients. After signing what seemed like enough paperwork to re-finance my mortgage I was given a hospital band and told to bring her in. Of course Ra tried to rid herself of that band the minute Drew put it on her. Ahhh the joys of a puppy that thinks everything is a toy. In the process of trying to walk her in another pit was running from their owner in the parking lot. Raleigh tried to join him and then two others tried. It was quite the sight! We finally got her inside and somewhat calmed down and then they took her back. Eight hours later we went back to pick her up. I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know if she would be able to walk or be out of it. Nope not Ra! She came barreling around that corner dragging that poor nurse with her. She was really excited to see us, but a little drunk. Whatever pain meds they had given her were still in effect. Thankfully she didn't get carsick on the way home! So all in all Raleigh was spayed, micro-chipped, her nails trimmed and updated on her shots. All that for a grand total of $30! 

Headed to surgery! 

Home sweet home!

Her pain meds lasted most of the night. Somewhere around 4 A.M. she woke up and moved closer to me. Other than that she hasn't had any issues. THANK GOD!