Monday, February 13, 2012

Wild and crazy weekend.........

It wasn't exactly wild and crazy, but it was busy. All my weekends are busy it just so happen that this weekend I was off Saturday. I started my wild weekend by cleaning Friday night. My apartment is literally the size of a lie! Its small and simple and I love it........but I am outgrowing it rapidly. Thus the house hunt! Anyway I'm still not sure how I have acquired as much stuff as I have but its EVERYWHERE!

Saturday was errand day which meant craft supply day which meant Hobby Lobby! Y'all know how much I love Hobby Lobby! I'm pretty sure the employees know my name or at least my face. They no longer ask to see my ID when I use my debit card. That counts for something right? Unfortunately it was the quickest Hobby Lobby trip I've ever had. My cousin Benjamin is in the hospital so I wanted to get there before visiting hours were over.

Before I knew it Sunday was here and my weekend was almost over. What better way to end the weekend than with these two activities..........................



Walking Dead!