Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Puzzle Project

A couple of weeks ago Kelly @ Kelly's Korner did a Show us your life about adoption and adoption fundraisers. Adoption is great, but the cost can be unbelievable. I love adoption stories!!!!! So of course I read most of the blogs that linked up that day. One that really caught my attention was a sweet couple and their puzzle fundraiser. This couple bought a 2000 piece puzzle and for each $5 someone donated they would write their name on the back of a piece/pieces. Now this puzzle is framed and hanging in their sweet baby Kate's nursery. The puzzle is framed with the back of the puzzle showing so Kate can see someday just how many people loved her. I love this idea so I am using it in my own life.

I think in order for it to really work, and for me to stick with it I need to decide on what exactly I am saving toward. Right now I am house hunting........which is exhausting! With the loan I have I don't need a down payment.......BUT I still want to have one. What better goal than a down payment right?

Okay so starting today I am going to start working on this puzzle. I'm going to follow the same system as the couple.......except i'm starting with a 500 piece. $5 X 500= $2500. In the past puzzles were my Mother's key to keeping her sanity during snow days. Ha! My sister has always been able to sit for hours and work puzzles. Me on the other hand......I just don't have the patience. At least not the amount needed to sit and work 500, 1000 or 2000 piece puzzles in one sitting. I just don't and I probably never will. That being said I think this will work out better. Each paycheck I am planning to save as much as possible for the puzzle project. It's going to take a while to finish but that way I won't lose interest in it.

I'll post pictures along the way!

(Unfortunately this isn't the actual puzzle.
Too bad y'all know how much I love doughnuts!)