Tuesday, February 14, 2012


My laptop recently bit the dust. It had so many "infections" that I was sure it was beyond repair. I was also sure that all my pictures were gone forever. But my Mother being the super Mom that she is had it fixed for me. It was the best Valentines Day gift! So since I am more than positive that the Internet will NEVER crash (right?????) I am adding pictures to the blog. If you have been a blog stalker for a while you have probably seen these. I just want to make sure that they are saved forever. So if these old picture posts surface over the next few months and you have already seen them.......sorry!

The first pictures are from an all girls four wheeling trip from a few years ago.
People are always surprised when I tell them I like four wheeling. I guess I just look girly?
Actually I like the mud part too.
(Please keep in mind no guys were involved in the trip other than unloading and loading the four wheelers. Us girls were the only ones on the ride and yes we made it back without help.....even when we got stuck.)
This was the VERY first mud "puddle" of the ride and of course we got stuck.
Group effort!
It really doesn't look at bad in these pictures, but she really was stuck.

Cheer pose! Ha!
These pictures are from my Sister's wedding.

I LOVE my Daddy!
Bless her heart! She had a breakdown after the wedding. She thought Cassie was never coming back!
After a quick talk with Tippy she was fine and ready for cake!

I love this picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!