Friday, December 4, 2009

What's on the other side of your front door?

I live in the country and I hate it. Let me tell you why. Today as I was folding clothes I heard some dogs going crazy outside. There aren't too many dogs around so I was curious. I opened my front door to see 13 yes 13 (I counted them) hound dogs huddled around one of our trees. Unsure of where the dogs had come from and if they were "friendly" I quickly closed the door.
About 15 minutes later I heard the same commotion again. Sooooooooo I again went to the front door, flung it open only to find three men dressed in camo and orange standing in my front yard........with large weapons.
Okay well I understand that I live in the country, and that's where most hunting is done, but ummmmmmmmmm isn't it illegal to hunt on someone's property?
Now personally I didn't have a problem with their hunting trip in my front yard. It wasn't like I wanted that poor little squirrel for dinner or anything. It was their attitude. When the hunters saw me they got upset that I had distracted their dogs long enough for whatever rodent they had sniffed out to get away. Ummmmm hello you are on my technically that squirrel belongs to me.
What's worse? Dad would have normally been home by this time, but it's suppose to snow tonight so he had to stay. Sooooooooo here I am home alone, three LARGE armed men in my front yard, and oh yeah we live in the country so no one was going to hear me scream!
So I smiled the biggest smile ever and quickly closed the door. Oh and then I called my daddy of course. LOL Thankfully he hadn't started salting yet so he ran home to check on me. Of course the "hunters" were gone by then and I felt a little silly for calling him, but c'mon what would you have done?
Oh well I guess it's all part of living in the country. I should probably look on the bright side, most people have to get up early and find a good spot to hunt........I can just open my front door.
What's on the other side of your front door?