Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In God I trust

So it's 2 a.m. and I am up. Why? I wish I could tell you why. My eyes aren't the least bit tired and my body isn't screaming at me to pour myself into bed. I just watched two episodes of Sex and the City and got lucky enough to catch the Sex and the City movie on HBO. I heart this movie......even if it does make me cry each and every time I watch it.

Speaking of things that will make you cry..........I am asking all of you to check out a blog that I follow and read their story. Just a quick overview.....Ryan and Bri Morrison had sextuplets, but only one survived. Sylas, their precious baby boy is awesome. They also have another miracle to celebrate, Ivy. Their story is one of heartbreak and happiness, and through it all they have never lost their faith. I think that's the most important thing.

Sooooooo Christmas is coming up, and......................I am not looking forward to it. Don't get me wrong I love spending time with my family, but this is the first year that I have been "alone" for Christmas since I was in my teens. See for me Christmas isn't about gifts, it's about spending time with the people you love. It's about having someone to share moments with. I'm not saying I "NEED" a guy to be happy during the holidays I am just saying that I enjoy having that person to share them with. I know I am not alone really, I have my awesome family and amazing friends, but I don't have that person. Ahhhh I sound like Kate Gosselin! I can't help how I feel. Feeling how we feel isn't logical, it's emotional. I've never been very good with controlling my emotions. Sooooo instead of focusing on what I don't have, I am going to be thankful for what I do. I have family and friends who are there for me day in and day out. I have faith in God and all that he can do. On top of all that I have high hopes for my future. My theory is simple............keep my faith in God, trust him and his path for me, surround myself with that awesome family of mine and those amazing friends, and to never ever give up or give in. Simple enough? I guess we will see.