Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ok so the quality of these pictures isn't the greatest, but I haven't updated the blog in soooo bad is better than none. Well according to me anyway.

Did everyone have a happy new year? I sure did! I brought in 2010 with two of the coolest girls ever................Hannah and Lily. We spent the night baking (burning) cookies, making hashbrown casserole and cards for deployed soldiers.

I recently joined a mailing list of addresses for deployed soldiers. I was given two names, Aaron and Trevor. No word from either of them yet, but internet access isn't always available to them. Hannah and Lily totally got into making these cards. It was sooooo sweet to listen to them talking to each other about these soldiers. While we were eating dinner Lily asked me what Trevor was probably eating for dinner tonight. I said well I don't know, but I will ask him. Then later she asked me if Trevor would want to hear about her soccer team. Trevor's bio said that he likes all sports and when I told her soccer was on his list she got super excited. She wants to send him a soccer ball in the care package. Wonder where I can get a deflated one?

If anyone would like the name and address of a soldier (or 2) let me know. Right now the list has about 80 names left.

Happy new year everyone.....and just so you know my resoultion is to blog more!

Now I am off to catch an episode or two of Sex and the City, then off to bed!