Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Babies Everywhere!

Seems like everyone I know either has a brand new baby or is pregnant. I see a new announcement on Facebook every other day. Last weekend was no different. 

A couple of weeks ago Drew's Dad and his girlfriend came to the house for dinner. They were asking if we knew where they could have a family get together. We suggested a couple of places. They said they would decide and we would get an invitation in the mail. That seemed odd since it was just a family cookout. No need for a formal invite. After they left I told Drew I thought they were getting married. They have been together 10 + years so it seemed logical.  

Then on Saturday we got an invitation to their BABY SHOWER!!!!!!!! I'm so excited for them and shocked!  Drew and his brother are both in their 20's. I just can't imagine starting over! But they are and everyone is thrilled. Drew is still in shock. I've been teasing him about getting a baby sister......he isn't thrilled!

Then on Sunday morning I got an extremely early wake up call from my best friend Miranda. She couldn't wait any longer to tell me that she is PREGNANT!!!!!! I'm thrilled for her and Travis! She is due in May and we are already planning her shower! Too early? Never! Last night I did some announcement pictures for her. We used her dog Baxter and their shoes. 

2013 is going to be a big year for babies!
Can't wait to babysit!