Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Bags are packed (almost), house sitter scheduled, luggage tags and boarding passes printed, car serviced, house is officially in a mess! I'm the checklist kinda person. I have checklists for checklists! Thankfully most of the boxes on the "Bahamas 2012" list are checked. Raleigh is going to "school" while we are gone. This is a first for her. She has become accustomed to being queen of the castle so I hope she does well. 

The next ten days are going to drag by, but lots of things are going on this week. The first and most important being the Tennessee vs Florida game on Saturday. That means football party at my not-so-clean house. I have a doctor and dental appointment next week and then my parents, sister and her family are coming over Friday night for dinner. Then bright and early Saturday morning we leave for Charleston. The documents say we need to be at the port between 12:30 and 2:00. I'm hardly ever early for anything, BUT i've been told to arrive EARLY for boarding. Even though I did early online check in we still have to go through quite a few steps before boarding. 

Five days without cell service might kill me, but i'm looking forward to sand and sun!