Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I live in an apartment. My rent includes bug control. Every month the bug man comes to spray, but I am always at work. Most days I am 5 minutes from home. I leave a note on the door telling Mr. Bug Killer that I can be there in literally 5 minutes. WAIT. Just flipping WAIT! What does he do? He leaves me a nice little note saying he was there and no one could let him in. The note goes on to give the next date he will be there and his name..........ANDY.

SOOOOOOOO thanks to ANDY I have several new friends. They like to hang out in my bathroom and kitchen. Basically anywhere that water is they are there. Apparently his name is Silverfish, but I called him something very different last night as I was spraying Windex in his face. Yep that's how I deal with bugs!

Isn't he great! Ugh!
So tomorrow is the day Mr. Bug Killer is suppose to come. I again have to work and I again will leave a note, BUT I have also called his office. I left a nice little message with RHONDA and told her to please please please have him call me. I am not going to be happy if I have to continue sharing my apartment with these guys!