Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blessed and Thankful

Blessed and thankful are the best words I have in my vocabulary to describe how I feel this morning. Most of the south had some rough storms yesterday, and Tennessee wasn't spared. Thankfully where I live we were. I had to work yesterday and even though I knew storms were coming I wasn't really that worried. That was until the sirens started to sound. Until yesterday I didn't even know my town had sirens. Again thankfully we just had some rain, hail and wind. My Dad was out most of the night cleaning up trees.

In Chattanooga the damage was much worse. These pictures are from CNN's site. I feel terrible for these people and incredibly blessed at the same time. I feel blessed to have opened my front door to the exact same scene as yesterday morning. I'm thankful that my patio furniture didn't go through my car windshield. I'm thankful that trees didn't fall on my car. I'm thankful that my family and friends are safe, and I'm thankful that my Dad made it home safe and sound.

Blessed and Thankful..............for so very much!