Monday, April 4, 2011


Cassie ordered Tate's nursery furniture and bedding this weekend! If I wasn't excited about him before I def am now! She picked the "Willow" collection because of the deer. My Brother-in-law is an avid hunter/fisherman so I was sure it would be something of this "nature" when she finally decided.

Josh painted the nursery this weekend too, so now all they need is Tate!

Cassie is still very sick. She still has her PICC line and home health and doing weekly Dr. appointments. Hopefully, she will start to feel better soon because if not then no baby shower. She can't leave her house, and its too tiny to have everyone there, so we may have to do it after Tate gets here. Either way he is already one very loved little boy. His nursery is overflowing!

I can't wait to meet this sweet boy!


Miss Sweet Tea said...

My best friend chose this same nursery set for her son! It's so cute!