Monday, April 11, 2011

Some people just don't need Facebook

Yea, I said it....and i'm prepared to back it up with facts!

1. If you don't want everyone in your business stop putting it on FB.

2. Don't get mad when someone gossips about your FB posts or pictures.

Again remember you were the one to put it out there in the first place.

3. Take ownership of whatever you post. Don't blame your 4 year old for a post bashing your best friend when clearly you just had too much to drink and decided to drunk post on FB.

4. If I don't accept your friend request on the first, second or third attempt please stop. Obviously I don't want to be your friend. In real life or otherwise.

5. Continue to send me those stupid game requests and I will delete you.

Simple enough?

6. Making inappropriate comments on my pictures will also get you deleted.

7. Posting your every move and thought throughout the ENTIRE day will too result in your deletion. This is NOT twitter people! If you feel the need to tell us every move you make you may need to re-analyze your life. Just saying!

8. Answering odd questions about me and posting them to my wall=not cool!


9. Tagging me in those stupid "Who are your top fans" and "Best Friends Forever" tree collages....again STOP!

10. Try an use good judgement people....that's all i'm saying.