Friday, September 11, 2009

Who needs sleep................

Ya'll know how much I hate posts without pictures, but my camera is in no shape right now, so I apologize............

It's late and I am tired, but somehow my brain thinks it's blog time. Not sure where this energy is coming from, but I am not wasting it. Today seemed like the longest day ever. Since I had school tonight I didn't take a lunch. That way I could leave an hour early and have plenty of time to grab dinner and actually make it to school on time. (Yes Mother I was on time, even 10 minutes early)

Sooooooo I walked into class with my giant Wendy's cup (full of way too much sugar) in one hand, and my laptop.... handbag.... notebook......north face.....and of course cell phone in the other. (Just walking to class carrying all my junk nearly gave me a heart attack) For some reason my laptop has to be on life support at all time, so I spent my whole 10 "early" minutes trying to find a seat near an outlet. When I finally found one I realized that my cell phone was dying....ahhhhh!!! So then I had to relocate to find another outlet. Ummmmmm is school really suppose to be this much work?

This class is interactive and I love it. It's nice to not have the teacher staring at you!! So imagine if you sitting at a table with my laptop on facebook, feet propped up, snacking on a snickers bar and listening to a lecture about today's business's good! Now it's not all fun and games. Interactive classes are sometimes harder for me because I don't have the teacher right in front of me to ask questions. By the time I say my name, what campus I am at, and wait for the camera to find me I have already forgotten my question....... Oh and Mother (yes I know you read my blog) I didn't stay on facebook the whole 4 hours of class. We get breaks ya know!!!!

At the start of hour 4 of 4 my lovely professor ask us to form groups and work on our business plan. Apparently the business plan is the final in this class. Anyway there are only 5 people in my class. Scott county only has 2 and Roane County has 1. He wanted us to be in groups of 2, but I think we have him convinced to let us do one team. Oh how I hope we do!!!! Who knew making a business plan could be so challenging?

I was never so glad to see 9:30 in all my life!!!!

So here I lay in my nice warm bed....awake. It's almost 1 a.m. which is only 12 B's time. Wonder if he is still awake. No probably not! Okay I am off to try and fall asleep, and if I can't there's always online shopping..............................................