Thursday, September 10, 2009

Still here!!

I'm still here!!!!! I can't tell ya'll how nice it is to be missed. The blog has been deleted or forgotten about. I have still been reading and checking everyone else's blog.......I just haven't blogged myself! Sorry!!!!!

In my defense I have been quite busy. Classes started for me last week so I have been covered up with homework. Oh and B was home this I couldn't ignore him! Ha Ha!

So lets catch up..............................

First if you have been contacted about doing a blog giveaway with me, but you haven't seen your post yet.......don't flip!!! I don't want to overload everyone with too many giveaways. Plus its hard for me to keep up with who, what, when and where. So be patient and I promise you will see your post.

Second I am having camera issues. For some reason my "speciality" camera is deleting images from the memory cards....all the memory cards. So tomorrow after work I am off to Wolf in hopes that they can fix it!!!! Pray people Pray Hard!

Now I am off to do homework.......stay tuned folks......I will be back!!!!


KK said...

Glad you are still around :)