Friday, October 23, 2009

Purple Cows on Pins and Needles

I just wanted to share a picture of the best looking girls working at First Volunteer Bank! Ha Ha! This picture was taken last night at our "town meeting" and I think Kristy and I look pretty good.

Town meetings are held every three months at one central location. We have over 20 branches so the meetings are spread out over a week, and I really feel sorry for the board members who have to travel to each one. One town meeting is more than enough for me. Anyway we are on this "purple cow" theme right now so everyone had to wear purple last night.

Confused about the purple cow theory? It's really simple. Imagine you are driving down a country road. You pass farm after farm with fields full of cows. Then you pass a farm with a purple cow! Now I am sure that would catch your eye right? Well First Volunteer Bank is looking for purple cows so to speak. We are looking for new and interesting ways to be the best bank around!

Any ideas on how we can do that? Anything you would like to see at your bank the next time you walk in the lobby? Sounds like a good reason to have another giveaway! Leave me your ideas in a comment and if I choose your idea you win!
I love polka dots and ETSY and I have a new favorite shop........
Pink Pins and Needles has the cutest things!
So here's the deal..............send me your purple cow idea and I will randomly draw a winner for a custom key fob in Pink Pins and Needles shop. So go look around and let me know which one you would like if you win. I will draw the winner next Friday (30th)


Alexis said...

Well, I know for a fact that they used jello powder to change the colors of the horse on the Wizard of Oz. Something tells me that animal rights activists won't let you do that anymore, though.

But how awesome would that be?

Alexis said...

Maybe you could do some kind of purple ice cream. Is there a local ice cream shop that might partner with you?

And I am in love with the black and pink swirly one. Too cute!!!