Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It's that time of the year......Christmas Cards! 
I LOVE doing Christmas cards! This year I am going to do a separate box just for this.......

Please join me in sending some Christmas spirit to D.C.! 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dear Santa!

Someone knows what they want from Santa! 

Out with the with the new!

From day one I knew I wanted to replace the flooring in this house. I like the kitchen tiles and the tiles in both bathrooms are fine. I don't love them, but for the time being I can live with them. The other rooms are a different story. One of the bedrooms that the previous owners used as a nursery has extra light laminate flooring. The color stands out terrible! The other two bedrooms have cat urine soaked/stained carpet. I'm hoping to put this house back on the market by Christmas 2013. What can I say I like a challenge! Ha! 

So because my parents are the best they bought me all new flooring for Christmas. Huge blessing!!!! Did I mention they are the best? 

 Raleigh overseeing the project. She isn't sure why the floor feels different she just knows that it does, and she doesn't care for it. Ha! 

This is the original floor in the living room and hall. Thankfully it came up really easy and wasn't too much of a mess. Hopefully the house will have new flooring throughout by Christmas.