Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Can I have a #1 from Firehouse?

These are not flattering pictures of me, but I blog for me and these are memories I want to remember........I think. HA!
This is what happens when a friend takes you to the Dr. and waits until AFTER they give you the "Happy Pill" to start snapping pictures. Gee how will I ever return the favor????????? Oh i'll think of something!
Are you loving my ultra cool hospital gown?
I know this is terrible, but I just kept wondering how many people had died in that gown.
Yes, I know that's crazy, and I am sure they throw the gowns away when people die in them......BUT we are in a recession people! Ya never know what corners are being cut! Just saying! Ha!
I am especially thrilled about the close proximity that these pictures were taken! Again how will I ever repay you?
Keep in mind these are pre-procedure pictures. You really don't want to see the post-op views, and I don't want to remember it either.
Can I just say that I have no idea what I was smiling about in these pictures. Apparently the happy pill worked, because I don't even remember this photo shoot. Oh and my first words after I woke up......Can I have a #1 from Firehouse?