Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Uh-oh a new addiction

B has gotten me addicted to NCIS. Ever watched it? Well if you haven't then you should. I would suggest starting with season 1 otherwise you will be a tad bit lost. I was at first, but now I am hooked. Tony reminds me of B. Maybe that's why I like it so much. Gibbs is my favorite though. Wonder why? Watch and you will see why.
Law and Order was my show of choice, but not anymore. NCIS is much more graphic, which I could do without, but it keeps me interested. With B in bama and me here we watch it together over the phone. Laugh if you want, but it works for us. The only problem is his TV is faster than mine so he knows what's going on before I do. Believe it or not I actually guess the killer before him sometimes. Sometimes being the key word in that sentence. Ha Ha!
Oh how I didn't need a tv show to be my new addiction. I watch way too much tv as it is. Oh least I can blame it on B!


KK said...

Oh dear, don't tempt me...I already have trouble getting in everything I'm currently addicted to!

Alison Hodges said...

NCIS is one of my favorite addictions! Too many wonderful guys - Tony and Gibbs for the obvious reasons, but I also love geeky McGee and still remember Ducky as the delectable Ilya Kuryakin. (You probably don't even know who I'm talking about.) I even like the female characters!

Jphillips1107 said...

Love Love Love NCIS! It is like one of my all time favortie shows.