Sunday, July 5, 2009

Day 9......looking for a sign

The 4th of July festivities are over. No more fireworks for a whole 365 more days. Sad? Not really. I couldn't be happier that this holiday is finished. All I could think about this weekend was Tim. The 4th was a big deal for us. We always had a jam packed weekend planned. I hate that we missed those activities this year.
I woke up this morning wishing that God would send me a sign that this is all going to work out. 9 days may not seem like a lot to you, but it has been an eternity for me. When Paige called this morning to ask if I was up for a shopping trip, I nearly cried with joy. You see staying home all day wasn't exactly on the top of my to do list. Thank goodness God made it possible for me to get out and about today.
While our shopping trip wasn't an all day thing, it still kept my mind busy for a few hours. I found some really cute dresses at New York & Co. Oh and we had lunch at Cajun Cafe. Yummy! Even though I am sitting here at home, watching tv and missing Tim, I still have faith. I have faith in the Lord and what he can do.
So now I am off to check my facebook, read e-mails, and make a quick snack before Army Wives starts. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday everyone!!!!
P.S. I heard through the grapevine today that Tim's great aunt had a heart attack. I haven't talked to Tim so I don't know any details. In addition to the prayers ya'll are sending up for me, could you send up a few for her too? She is a super great lady!!!!