Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Thanks girls!

I want to say thanks to Charon and Christa. I tried the recipes they sent me and fell in love. Charon sent me the recipe for brown rice and Christa had one for hamburger pie. Thanks so much girls!!! Both dishes were very tasty.
Please keep sending me recipes! I am cooking something new each night, and I am really having a good time. Also don't be discouraged if you read on here that Tim isn't a fan of your dish. He really is just a good ole country boy who likes meat and potatoes. Trying new foods isn't at the top of his to do list. Ha Ha
Oh and Alexis ask me what Tim was studying for. Tim works for Caryville-Jacksboro Utility Commission, otherwise known as CJUC. They handle strictly water and sewer. He had to take a class/test for his distribution and collections license. He was sooooo sick the week he was suppose to be in class. Actually he missed a full day of class, spent part of a night in the ER, drove himself to the test site (heavily medicated I might add) and still managed to past his test! I cannot tell you folks just how proud of him I am!!! Now lets all pray super hard that he gets a raise!!!!!!!!!
I promise that pictures are coming. I spent most of last night editing. Then I used the other couple of hours before work to sleep. So sue me! Homecoming is just a few days away and I still have so much to do, but thanks to my wonderful blog friends I will have an awesome assortment of food to take!
I am a total list person. What's the best part of list making? Checking things off as I accomplish them!!!!!
So far I have:
*Ordered the chicken from KFC
*Ordered the tents
*Tried and tested all kinds of yummy recipes
*Bought my dress
I still need to:
*Clean all the coolers
*Clean out my car so that I have somewhere to put all the food and the 21 buckets of chicken
*Make a Wal-mart run
*Talk Tim into assembling my Kitchen Island
*Charge camera battery
*Get father's day gifts for my daddy and Tim's
*Clean the dirt out of the camping chairs
*and so on and on and on and on...........................................................................................................
Oh but I forgot the best part!!! Paige is going to help me cook!!! Isn't she the best! I am doing an engagement session in Knoxville on Saturday after work, so Paige is going to help me prepare food! Oh I heart you Paige!