Tuesday, May 19, 2009

They do exist!!!!!!!

Anybody know what this is? It's a flying squirrel and yes they can really fly!!! How do I know you ask? Well because I saw one with my very own eyes last night. I was upstairs putting away groceries when Tim called to say that he had made a new friend in the front yard. Stray animals are always lurking around so I just thought that he had discovered a new one. He kept wanting me to come down and see!!! Now I know better than to go along with Tim when he is SO excited about things like this. Usually it ends with me running and squealing in fear. After his 3rd call I caved and went down.
Turns out it was a flying squirrel. We think there may be a whole nest of them out front. Tim's daddy was sitting on the front porch and the little thing came right up to him. It wasn't the cutest animal ever. It's tail was quite ugly and it reminded me way too much of an overgrown mouse. I chose not to touch the nasty little creature. I told Tim not to touch it either. If for no other reason than the fact that the mama flying squirrel probably wasn't too far away. I didn't want him to be attacked and I certainly wasn't in the mood for a mad mama squirrel to come swooping out of nowhere on my head. So we put it back and went inside.
I had bought another "contraption" for the apartment. I actually purchased it about 3 months ago and it just came yesterday. Since I have had such wonderful luck assembling things lately I attempted to assemble this. Ummm yeah not so much luck this time. Thank goodness for Tim and his handyman skills. He had it assembled in a flash. Speaking of Flash.....
Ellie and Flash have been having fits at night for the last couple of weeks. We were thinking that a stray dog was to blame, but turns out they have been all excited about........flying squirrels! They made quite a scene with their new toy last night. Ellie is a blue tick hound, and Flash is a rabbit beagle so they have great smelling noses. Maybe we are to blame, but the little squirrel somehow ended up in the lot with them. You should have seen them sniffing around the lot. Ellie got to it first and began to run around with this poor helpless creature in her mouth squeaking the entire time. Flash kept trying to take it away from her, but she is way too fast for him. Eventually, she got tired and let Flash carry it around for a minute, but only a minute.
Tim's daddy had to go in and rescue the poor little fellow. I didn't see it after their attack. The sound of it squeaking was enough to make me want to vomit.