Monday, August 25, 2008

Sweet Summertime

Hard to believe that the summer is almost over. I really didn't get to
swim that much this year. Here are some pics of me and landon at Norris.
He loved the kiddie pool! Landon was a little afraid at first, but that
didn't last long. He got to be a great swimmer this year!
(overlook my hair)

Awesome wedding gift.....

Just wanted to share this with everyone in case you are looking for a neat wedding gift.
This is a picture frame I got for Cassie and Josh. It has their wedding date, names and the Mr. & Mrs. too! I got this at so check it out.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Watch out comes the girls!

A couple of months ago a bunch of us girls decided to start taking girls only four wheeling trips. I have to admit I never thought Tim would let me take his four wheeler, but he
did! I am always super careful and cautious! Here are a few pics of those trips and
a few from other trips.
Calling Tim
My model pose!
Poor Kristy her eyes were killing her!
The coolest (and most dusty) girls to ever four wheel
Me & Tiff

We were at this cute cabin on the creek.
Tiff, Me & Alisha
I am pointing at a poor little turtle that almost

got smooshed by our four wheelers!

Cassie and I on a snack break.
Yes, I am driving and no I am not looking where I am going!

(Sorry Tim)

Checking in with Tim. Can you believe he lets me take his four wheeler?

I can't either!

Here comes the bride...... and all her stuff!

This past Saturday was Cassie's first of many bridal showers. She was showered with gifts galore! I'm not sure their apartment will hold everything! The food was great and her cake was amazing!
The toilet paper wedding dresses......
Aren't these the prettiest brides you have ever seen?
Pretty sure Mamaw won!

Owen wouldn't look at the camera! He didn't want Caitlyn to sit in my lap. He kept pulling at her dress. They are so cute!

Everyone kept telling me how much Cassie and I look alike. Sorry everybody I just don't see it!

Me, Aunt Frankie & Cassie
She lives in Knoxville and we never get to see her so it was great that she got to come to the shower!

Me, Cassie & Mama
I loved Mama's new outfit!

Cassie and Mamaw June

Cassie and her bridesmaids

Mama & Cassie

Cassie and her soon to be Mother-In-Law Susie

She looked amazing!

Her beautiful Cake